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Social Media is basically communication online. That doesn’t sound too complicated, huh? But for many beginners, it can be. There are many different forms of Social Media… many different ways of communicating online.

Getting involved in Social Media can be intimidating. So much so that you might not know where to even begin. There is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and More. There are blogs, forums, wikis, photo sharing, vlogging (video blogging), and others.

They are all different, so which do you devote your time to? 
Ask yourself the question, “What do I want to get out of Social Media?”.

The answer to this question should direct you to the type of Social Media activities you should participate in…. What activities you will benefit the most from. If you are looking to network online with people who share your passion for swimming then joining certain social networks is probably not the most productive way to go about that.

Here’s a key question that many small business leaders have about posting on social media – “Once I begin interacting with customers, what approach should I take? What should I actually say?”

The trick is to find the right balance between delivering the brand message and being personable. After all, the goal is to increase your sales, but you don’t want to come across as being sales-y. Social media is a great platform for increasing awareness of your brand and raising visibility at the top of the sales funnel. It’s not the place to be driving price points and conversion tactics at the bottom of the funnel.

Focus on adding value for customers in subtle ways. Offer them useful tips. Solve their problems and answer their questions. Recommend strategies for their business or personal lives. If you add value in small ways, the sales will come.

The other name for social media you commonly hear is “social networking,” and there’s a reason for that – there’s no better place than the Internet to network and make key connections with others. You should be using your social presence to build relationships that might help you later.

This can include any number of strategies. You might use LinkedIn for reaching out to potential hires and to bypass the gatekeepers at various companies you would like to work with. Twitter is a great place for sharing content with industry thought leaders. Facebook helps you bond with local people in the community who might become customers. Everywhere you look on social media, there are opportunities to make connections. Don’t shy away it.

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