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On the Internet, a domain is part of every network address, including web site addresses, email addresses, and addresses for other Internet protocols. is a domain name that goes to our website.

A domain name is not hosting. First you buy a domain at an accredited registrar and then you purchase the hosting package. You then point the domain to your hosting account address that is provided to you, or in many cases, there is an automatic feature to do this if you host where your domain is located.

Having a great domain name is more than half the battle in succeeding on the internet and we can help you decide what domain names will be available and how you will be able to use it.

Your business is flowers and here are two examples of good and bad

Bad Domain Example: in San Diego. 
Better Domain Example: or

You can always register your company name as a domain and then have a great domain as your website name along with your company name, use your geographic location in part or use a brandable name such as did.There are so many variables to make this decision you really need a domain expert.

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Making the best domain choice for your business is as important as your money investment!